Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Go-to

    First off, I have been anything but regular with posting and for that I apologize. Things have not been going the way I want them to academically, and I've been to scatterbrained to even clean off my desk. That's how you know it's bad.

    Due to all this stress, I've been sacrificing a little bit of style whilst getting ready in the morning. Maybe my fellow students are sick of seeing me in the same type of outfit almost every day, but for the purposes of this blog post it's really quite useful!

  This is my go-to winter outfit:

From the ground up: Bean Boots, Smartwool socks, fleece-lined leggings, a long sleeve tshirt (I got this one for free at orientation! It's for campus greek life, which I'm not even a part of, but it's comfy.),  Fossil tote (with a Vera Bradley lanyard saying hey?), whatever jacket is weather-appropriate, and hair that may or may not be unbrushed. #noshame

    If I'm particularly grumpy, or I know my day is going to be jam-packed, the worst thing to do is also make myself uncomfortable. I'd take comfort over style any day! I have a few different boot or shirt variations for this outfit, but it never fails to be my favorite for long days.

Do you have a winter go-to?


Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Hunt for Tea Cups

Since last semester, I've been loving tea. Loose-leaf, bagged, any kind really. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a tea cup set with matching saucers, and I never dreamed that would be so hard to find on a budget! I've found many gorgeous ones, either too expensive or too granny-esque or without matching saucers. And I really don't need a set of 6 like most come in, because college dorms aren't known for cabinet space.

Here's some that would be on my wish list if I wasn't so picky (picking these out was even a struggle)!

I think the elegance of a tea cup on a saucer would add a touch of class to a morning wake me up, an afternoon break, or an evening relaxer. I just have to find something that fits my criteria exactly, which is always a struggle (#pickygirlprobs).

Do you know of anywhere to get nice tea cups?


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Adventures

We had snow! In Chattanooga!

I often forget that snow is one of my favorite things considering I never get to see a substantial amount, but oh my do I love it! My university ended up closing at noon on Tuesday, so I only had to go to my first class, and after that it was time to go play!

I called Joshua and told him he better get his butt over here, because I wasn't going to waste a minute of enjoying this beautiful stuff!

We walked all over the place and were exhausted by the time we got back, but it was so fun! The snow was too powdery for snowballs (thank goodness) but perfect for walking/frolicking all over our town. 

Do you love snow days?


Monday, January 27, 2014

The healing powers of Krispy Kreme

I have been stressed as of late. It seems like these next two weeks are jammed full with first tests, first assignments, and lots of things going on in the personal realm. Isn't it interesting how life is easy-breezy and then before you know it everything gets crazy?

Anyway, instead of me being a Debbie Downer, let's talk about donuts!

My sweet boyfriend surprised me with these, knowing that I was having a rough day. Half original (and still warm!) and half chocolate iced. And of course the Valentine's box!

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can completely turn your mood around. I believe that appreciating the little things is the easiest way to stay happy, because when everyday moments are extraordinary, what could be that bad?

Do you love fresh donuts?


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dress Adoration

Things have been pretty hectic for me and I've been feeling kind of unsettled (not that that's rare for me). Although all I wanted to do today was sit at home, I had to go to the grocery store, and I figured I might as well hit up my favorite boutique, Francesca's. I knew I needed a dress for Valentine's Day and a potential interview, and I stumbled upon this beauty! I didn't want to spend this much, but you know when an impulse buy turns into your new favorite item? That's this dress for me.

I think it might be one of the prettiest, classiest dresses I've ever seen (the pictures don't even do it justice!).

The collar is embellished with rhinestones and pearls, and the back has a surprise bow detail. I don't know if it could be any better. Definitely worth spending the afternoon out of my pajamas.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Put Out Good

     I ran across this quote via Pinterest, and even with my general soft spot for inspiring quotes this one really stuck out. I've always believed in "you get what you give" but this is a philosophy that takes it to a whole new level.

     It seems as though it's human nature to have bad circumstances stand out over good ones. Even the most positive people I know are guilty of this in some regard. Although I would describe myself altogether as an extremely happy person, I too have to make a conscious effort to spread good vibes and therefore conscious effort not to spread negative ones. It's an unfortunate truth, but it's just somehow easier to be unhappy.

     That being said, when things are good, things are good. You make a conscious effort to be the happiest you can be, and it seems like the world becomes a generally better place. I've always felt that good energy attracts good energy. If that's the case, and good energy requires much more effort, then it would make sense for it to return to you even stronger. If it's more "natural" to be negative, requires work to be positive, and hard work pays off, then of course the good is coming back tenfold! The little things that happen might just be from the little good things; the really great days, perfect moments, and fantastic feelings are from making a conscious effort to spread good vibes and letting that effect the way you live.

     So I absolutely still believe that you get what you give, but I think it's important to consider how much more giving good will pay off. It may be "easier" to be unhappy, but it's more fulfilling, healthier, and overall better to be a source of positivity and love. As they say at Bonnaroo, "Radiate Positivity"!

Do good vibes make good things happen?


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ich muss nach Deutschland gehen

(I must go to Germany.)

As far as wanderlust goes, I'm filled to the brim with it for any sort of traveling, but I have a certain soft spot in my heart for Germany (and India, but that'll be another post..). In particular I want to see Southern Germany, home of Munich, Heidelberg, the Black Forest, and plenty of mountains and outdoor activities.

Munich (source:tripadvisor)
Heidelberg (source:yourdeutschland)

Can you blame me?

I could seriously google Germany all day. Joshua and I continually joke about relocating there, and even though it's probably highly unlikely, it's so fun to fantasize about! I don't know if I could ever be brave enough to transplant to a new country and a new way of life, but everything seems so nice there (and it's so gorgeous!).

Even if it is just for a week or two, traveling there is definitely on my must-do list!

Do you have any foreign countries on your list?

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