Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Hunt for Tea Cups

Since last semester, I've been loving tea. Loose-leaf, bagged, any kind really. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for a tea cup set with matching saucers, and I never dreamed that would be so hard to find on a budget! I've found many gorgeous ones, either too expensive or too granny-esque or without matching saucers. And I really don't need a set of 6 like most come in, because college dorms aren't known for cabinet space.

Here's some that would be on my wish list if I wasn't so picky (picking these out was even a struggle)!

I think the elegance of a tea cup on a saucer would add a touch of class to a morning wake me up, an afternoon break, or an evening relaxer. I just have to find something that fits my criteria exactly, which is always a struggle (#pickygirlprobs).

Do you know of anywhere to get nice tea cups?


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