Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter Go-to

    First off, I have been anything but regular with posting and for that I apologize. Things have not been going the way I want them to academically, and I've been to scatterbrained to even clean off my desk. That's how you know it's bad.

    Due to all this stress, I've been sacrificing a little bit of style whilst getting ready in the morning. Maybe my fellow students are sick of seeing me in the same type of outfit almost every day, but for the purposes of this blog post it's really quite useful!

  This is my go-to winter outfit:

From the ground up: Bean Boots, Smartwool socks, fleece-lined leggings, a long sleeve tshirt (I got this one for free at orientation! It's for campus greek life, which I'm not even a part of, but it's comfy.),  Fossil tote (with a Vera Bradley lanyard saying hey?), whatever jacket is weather-appropriate, and hair that may or may not be unbrushed. #noshame

    If I'm particularly grumpy, or I know my day is going to be jam-packed, the worst thing to do is also make myself uncomfortable. I'd take comfort over style any day! I have a few different boot or shirt variations for this outfit, but it never fails to be my favorite for long days.

Do you have a winter go-to?


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